calm before the storm

zara coat, opening ceremony sweater, t by alexander wang pants, prada boots
photo by tyler stalman

so you know how i said that i was making it through pretty great so far... yea, scratch that. perhaps i spoke too soon. it almost feels like right after i finished writing that last post shit started hitting the fan. the rain cloud literally broke directly over me. for one, no job = not ok, it's not even a money thing anymore, as much as i love being at home i think i reached my threashold. if i ever was curious about stay-cations i take it back.  bah! things have, however, took a nice bright turn, the sun came out and i left the house, i talked to a LOT of people, so i'm determined to do things. there is a lot of leg work ahead of me it seems. if we ever thought that calgary was conservative, we were in for a surprise. the weather is another thing. it rains here, hard, and long, and apparently it's just the calm before the storm. yikes! so i better start stretching out those burberry rain boots. but hey! a whole new city with tons of locations to discover, friends just a ferry ride away and a visit home coming soon... and most importantly a perfect loving boyfriend to come back home to at the end of any hard day. it'll be ok... xoxo


  1. Just fell in love with your coat SO BADLY. You look great !

  2. stunning! LOVE xx

  3. omg this is mega cool - love your leather jacket and slightly baggy pants combo!