beauty: o.p.i neon

after calgary's never ending winters, i come into the spring season vouching i will never wear any colour... ever again, and end up with a closet full of crazy patterns and bright neons, this happens every year. i can't stop myself, the warm weather and my hard earned tan (and hear my vanity in this next thought), that looks good with everything, they are hard to ignore. inspiration is everywhere and california calls. we get to pretend for ten days during the stampede, but people out there live their lives like that all year round... jealous. one way of manifesting colour in my life has become nail polish. it has become an actual everyday thing for me, i can no longer wear my nails nude, they literally feel naked. sent me this o.p.i sampler to try, i was away and then i sat on it for a couple of days not sure if it will work on me, then i tried it and it was like instant summer. i'm a big fan of o.p.i in general, thanks to their large brushes and fast drying formula, but after this i will not hold back on trying a new colour ever again. you can see all the results on my instagram and get your own o.p.i neon colour set HERE. xoxo


in technicolor

wearing: junk food tank, unif jeans, zara backpack, karen walker sunglasses 

ok so already i'm gonna say > major stampede withdrawals. there is something to be said for being outdoors all day, getting your tan on and, even though surrounded by deep fried everything, feeling pretty healthy. among all of the western inspired outfits i brought out for the occasion there was time for play as well. there is nothing like spending $9 on deep fried cheese and blowing all your money on games you know you can't win, but hey, the doughnut was well worth it. we walked the midway more times then we can count and have all the food locations memorized. not much changes from year to year on the grounds, even if you went back 10 years, somehow that place just doesn't age. these ripped unif tweak jeans had me running back and forth swapping sizes, i ended up choosing a higher fit and a smaller size so that the holes would not get in my way. you know when you have a hole on your knee and you bend your leg too much and you rip it even more... i always try to avoid those moments. and any festival staple of course, the leather backpack. i'm trying out a smaller version for those times when you walk around with something on your back and after 8 hours no matter how light it is, it always feels like a ton of bricks. so practical this year. ventilation AND functionality.  xoxo


the calgary stampede

wearing: joe fresh blouse, zara shorts, montana bolo tie, rag & bone backpack

that time of year again when i burn like a roasting marshmallow from hanging out at the stampede grounds every day, but it feels so good to be outside in the summer sun. i have been making a pretty solid effort to dress for the occasion, on every occasion. cowboy head to toe. going out looking for western inspired dressed, new cowboy boots and functional backpacks has me thinking of california and maybe planning our end of year trip a little. the perfect getaway for the imminent winter. with only four days left of the stampede we are also getting to the end of our pinterest contest with atb financial and poppy barley. be sure to create your stampede themed boards and see all contest details here, we've had some amazing submissions already so don't shy away from being creative. xoxo


what i wore: topshop girls night out

wearing: topshop playsuit & accessories 

there isn't really another time of the year when calgary becomes as fun as it is during the stampede. for me on top of it being the lively, involved city that it becomes & shooting street style (my favourite) it is an opportunity to dress up like a cowboy. a little taste of california and a little bit of texas sneak into people's wardrobes and cowboy boots are a-ok... if you haven't greeted them with open arms into your everyday looks already that is. every year i battle with blisters from newly worn boots, but this year i decided to really go all out for the rodeo. i invested in a proper cowboy hat, embraced bandanas and even wore some feathers. i finally found a bolo tie i love thanks to a brilliant free people x the 2 bandits collaboration and got to start off the stampede with hosting and styling an event for one of my favourite brands. my pick for the night was this neon yellow onesie accompanied by some western-themed accessories (aztec friendship bracelets, layered necklaces, and of course boots), finished off with a bright orange manicure from o.p.i (giveaway coming soon). the bright colours are such a perfect welcome to summer. it has finally arrived if you can believe it and just in time for the sales! read the full post and see the photos from our topshop x cowboys girls night out here. xoxo


topshop x cowboys girls night out

it took me nearly a week to fully recover from the pre-stampede/canada day festivities of the past few days. the one thing i can say about calgary is that it is never boring in the summer months and this year must have provided for the most solid proof yet. stampede, even if unofficially, really got off to an early start, with events happening well before july even begun. and what a great year it's been for topshop, not even a year in the city and it's already stirring some amazing buzz. we took over cowboys dance hall for a night of festival style, sweet treats and selfies. thanks to the help of the ever patient and super organized anneke forbes, we styled six key festival looks which we literally took to the dance floor. girls were chosen out of the attending crowd to model and then take their outfits home. liz trinnear took the reigns and ramped up the girls for what ended as a night of metric and my first time to the infamous cowboys stampede tent. big thanks go to everyone who attended, all the girls (and boys) obsessed with topshop, our models, the cowboys staff and our photographer, none other than tyler stalman without who life would simply go on undocumented <3 stay tuned for full outfit details in the next post. until then make sure to post your stampede selfies with the hashtag #topshopchinook for your chance to win a $1000 shopping spree with topshop!! xoxo