beauty: a head of curls

contrary to popular belief, curling is not a one woman job. in my case, in fact, it takes at least two. i actually own a curling iron, though i'm not sure why. i guess the romantic in me still holds on to the hope that one day i'll be able to go all the way around my head and be left with something resembling a hairstyle. i only recently found out, that, apparently, there is a right and wrong direction to curl your sections. yes ladies, it's not as easy as it looks. which is why when the day approached for the nordstrom opening gala i immediately sought some help. lease renae has been patiently entertaining my hair style requests for the last four months. i know, during our last appointment that going from a soft red carpet wave to a crazy sonia rykiel-inspired puff i raised a few eyebrows. but it was worth it. as promised, a quick how-to, to replicate my look from the gala. apart from the basics of owning and knowing how to use a curling iron (i'm still on this one), you can get there with these easy steps:

  • after dampening the hair, add osis+ body me & osis+ wax dust through the length of your hair for added grip while styling. blow dry the product into your hair to let settle
  • before you start curling, split your hair into sections. spray each section with osis+ elastic spray prior to curling for easy manipulation
  • keep the length of hair you wish to be straight, separated, create an invisible line where the curl doesn't reach
  • add osis+ wax dust to sections as you backcomb them for volume. don't be precious with your curls, this look is all about 'the more the merrier'
  • to finish, spray osis+ session finish spray all over for hold and some osis+ sparkler finish spray for shine
voila! you are ready to party!

what i wore: nordstrom opening gala

wearing: coutu kitsch jewellery, zara dress (vintage), louis vuitton clutch, topshop heels

i'm doing something new on the blog. you might have noticed that the layout has changed slightly again, with the addition of tumblr and the personal style nature the blog has taken on in the recent years i found it necessary to compartamentalize a little. we have been shooting so many events over the years and they sometimes get lost in the rest of the content on the site. some of the events we go to are also very local, which may be of little interest to those readers who are not familiar with the everyday goings-on of the city. nonetheless, they are all close to our hearts and we want to make sure we have a place for them on the blog. the idea is that all event coverage will now find it's home under the new event tab at the top menu of the blog regardless of wether or not they were ever on the main page. along with some of the other changes happening in the coming weeks, the site will become a little more of a place to explore than it was before. so i welcome you to look around and familiarize yourself with the new as it evolves. but enough housekeeping talk...

just last week marked a benchmark in the growth of calgary as a big canadian city. the doors to nordstrom's first international store opened to the public on september 19th, 2014. but before the countdown to what was, hands down, the biggest event of the year, we celebrated in style with the pre-opening gala event for patrons, in support of alberta children's hospital and united way. it was a very bitter sweet moment for tyler and i. as the opening drew nearer, the closer we were to wrapping up our involvement with the project that has really been such a huge part of our lives for what will almost be a year. it never really is a good bye, and we certainly don't intend to move on that quickly. with amazing new projects already under way and the positive public response, nordstrom will remain a big part of our lives, professionally and personally. in the meantime we loved taking the chance to dress up and reconnect with the community during the opening gala. dorian, of coutu kitsch graciously accessorized me for the evening with her amazing body jewellery and i dug out this gem of a gown from my very own zara archives. much pre-dating the angelina red carpet moment this one had to come out to play. perhaps a tad overdressed for the occasion but hell, we have a lot to celebrate.  

another important moment of the night, as you can probably tell was the hair. thanks to some helpful hands at leasa renae and our friends at schwarzkopf professional we were able to do something fun. the initial idea was to achieve a soft wave to go with my first dress choice, that quickly changed and so did the vision for the hair. i got a little ambitious, referencing sonia rykiel's famous body of curls, which threw the plan for a loop. nothing that a good finishing spray can't work through. stay tuned for a how-to post coming next and for more images and links from the night click here. xoxo


such great heights

wearing: joe fresh moto jacket, boyfriend jeans & plaid shirt, keds sneakers, gucci disco bag

these keds have been staring at me since august in anticipation of upcoming fall. with our busy travel schedule for the start of the season we have had little time to enjoy them. thanks to our (very) unexpected indian summer we can bust the sneakers out for a few more days and really play. it couldn't have more perfect timing with the arrival of some exciting pieces from the new joe fresh collection, featured this morning on bt toronto (click here to watch), get them while they're hot as word has it they are already selling out across the country! this colour green, honestly, i don't even mind it's faux leather, definitely my favourite colour for the season. so even though, yes, we're psyched summer is sticking around, together with our overheating studio space and these beautiful layers coming out, the anticipation is growing for cooler temperatures. stay tuned to see some of my other favourite greens coming this week (and get a little preview on instagram in the meantime). xoxo



wearing: bcbg dress, zara sandals

on my way back home from new york i received an e-mail from instagram. it informed me that i have been listed as a suggested user. in case you started to think this was a myth, lo and behold this list actually exists and somehow i managed to get noticed and find myself among the few lucky users to be on it. we suspected that the following would grow but would never imagine that in just a short week that number would more than tripple. this good news came along amidst some other drama happening in the blogosphere, which i now learned to just simply brush off. as a result, what was supposed to be a much celebrated time ended up shrouded with stress. we decided to change all that and bought some shiny balloons to celebrate. if giant, silver numbers weren't enough, during our shoot, people actually thought i was celebrating my 20th birthday (the store does not indeed sell letter balloons). i'll take it. in the end, what an amazing exercise of focusing on the positive. 20,000 is a huge number and i am thankful for the very last one of you who choose to follow all of our adventures. we are so lucky to be able to do the work that we do, and none of that would ever be possible without you guys. so as much as i would love to give all of you a big hug and throw a party to match the size of those balloons, for now the smiles will have to do. thank you again and always. xoxo


what i wore: #styleOBSESSED

wearing: topshop sweater, top, skort & socks, zara heels (similar), daniel wellington watch, all saints necklace

i know i know, i have been slacking on the blog posts lately, but all for good reason. our trip to new york was a great success. seeing it through completely different eyes then when i was there modelling and experiencing teenage angst, let me just say, what a dangerous place for that to happen. coming full circle and this time on the other side of it all. thanks to some wonderful people in my life we were lucky enough to attend some shows and have a nice taste of what fashion week is all about. with the amount of work we had coming into it we did very little planning, apart from seeing the jeff koons' exhibit at the whitney we had a lot of exploring to do... insert shopping joke. coming back home to a flood of things to do is really nice. i feel so connected with calgary and really love to see it flourish the way it has over the last few years. so much more is yet to come. last week we partnered with hudson's bay on a very fun event at their chinook centre court to present my must - haves for fall (read the recap here). i wanted to make sure my outfit topshop gifted me for the occasion was well documented, so, naturally,  i took it back with me to new york to photograph. love that the streets in that city, no matter what corner you turn, are all made for street style. what a great place to grow, BUT not all things are meant to be this easy. we will be back soon enough. xoxo